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The Stik Family

      Lacrosse has been part of our family since 1982. It all began in Lindenhurst, Long Island with high school sweethearts, Rick & Tara, and two old lax sticks.  In the backyard spending endless hours having a catch together, it led Rick to the field of college lacrosse.  From that point on the love of the game was cemented in them and their families to come.
      The next generation came and they immediately started to pass the knowledge on.  Chris, Caitlin, Kiera, Jeremiah, Derek, Liam, RJ, Kieran, Delaney, Savannah, Russell, Rowan, Jackson and Colton. It seemed they were all born to have a stick in their hands. Through the years, lots of coaching, countless games in youth lacrosse, travel lacrosse, high school and for some of the kids, college lacrosse. We have all stood on the sidelines and cheered on tournament champions, league champions, county champions, Long Island Champions and even State Champions.
      Lacrosse has a feel that the no other game has. It is a lifestyle, a brand, a way to carry yourself. That is the genesis of The Stik. Our products reflect the “Lacrosse Life” and our motto Play Lax, Dress Lax!
      The Stik Journey
      The Stik was started because Lacrosse enhanced our family experience. Driving to practice, going to tournaments, standing in the cold and rain all contributed to the fun of lacrosse and the time we spent together. Everyday, we talk about some aspect of the game, from what youth or travel team someone is on, to what position they are playing in high school all the way through to the college game. Yet somehow when the coach ended practice or the whistle blew when time ran out on the clock there were very few choices of clothing that let the world know about your love of Lacrosse.
      The Stik Clothing Company has designed clothes so you can show the world who you are and what you love to do!
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      The Stik Clothing Family

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